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Hi, I'm James Green

And in response to many of my reader's requests, I've been off-grid for quite some time, putting together my own secret book marketing blueprint, KD LAUNCHPAD.

This contains a step-by-step guide containing the strategies you need to DOMINATE your niche and become a BESTSELLING AUTHOR not only on Amazon, but with any publisher!

Amazon KDP (and increasingly other outlets) offers a simply fantastic opportunity for indie authors. The potential power of a book is simply incredible - but you need to know exactly how to release that power!

At it's heart, there's a secret that Amazon really don't want you to know about, that will drive insane amounts of traffic your books!

Imagine having the power to drive insane amounts of traffic to your books

STOP! Are you spending hours on marketing for little or no results?

Marketing can sometimes feel like you're shouting in an empty room or banging your head against a brick wall. You need a new way of thinking - one that will get thousands of eyes on your book, and have them begging you for more!

Are you finding your marketing strategies are no longer effective?

Many marketing techniques are still stuck in the dark ages, when competition was still relatively low. Many of those techniques now no long work.
Things move on fast and the publishing market is becoming increasingly competitive. So we need a new thought-process. One that will give your books a MASSIVE BOOST and allow you to leapfrog your competition.

Are you too reliant on Amazon for your sales?

Amazon is a great place to start and even grow your publishing empire.
But what happens if they were to pull the plug on you? It's happened before to many authors who've seen their entire income wiped out in a single stroke. What if I was to show you a new way? One that's not just reliant on the Amazon gravy-train?

If any of this sounds familiar, then this will be a game-changer for you!

Picture transforming your books into a 4-Figure Publishing Empire!

Revealed inside:

  • How to optimize your books to get maximum conversions and minimum cart abandonment -- including your book cover, your title and book description
  • Lift-Off Phase -- your initial book launch strategy: your pricing & promotion strategy to maximise your book views and reviews
  • Propulsion Phase -- your complete post-launch strategy -- how to drive incredible sales and reviews of your book using the latest little-known and very powerful techniques
  • How to supercharge your views and reviews and how to leverage the power of Facebook
  • Secret strategies to get others promoting your book for you!
  • How to recycle your book content in a variety of creative and profitable ways
  • How to lead your customers along a 'sales production line', that will have them begging for more!
  • The Amazon secret that will drive incredible amounts of traffic to you books

"KD Launchpad has transformed my book sales! By following James techniques, I'm not only killing it on Amazon, I'm also now using my content to generate sales on YouTube, many other digital publishing outlets as well as making massive back-end sales to my subscriber list."

Ian Healey - Amazon Author

"Thanks James for giving my books a new lease of life! It's been a complete change of mindset for me and I'm so excited at the possibilities of using my content in so many new and profitable ways."

Jo Squires - Author

By now you should see the importance of embracing this new and powerful set of marketing techniques to really boost your book sales to the next level.

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