Are you struggling for ideas for your next book? Want to know the best niches?


This course will focus your mind and help generate hundreds of ideas for your next book!

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Are You Trying To Think Up Your Next Profitable Niche -- But Just Don't Know Where to Start?

Hi, I'm James Green

Creator of the KD LAUNCHPAD Marketing Formula.

In my view, the best way to create a great PASSIVE INCOME for yourself nowadays is to create CONTENT and lots of it.

But sometimes it feels like everyone else has all the good ideas and it can seem like all the profitable niches are taken.

But it's simply not true!

You can break into any niche you like and TOTALLY DOMINATE it with the right strategies.

But you first need to come up with the right ideas! Ideas that will be profitable, that you have an element of expertise in and (most importantly in my view), one that you have an interest in!

So let this course be your guide and your tonic for releasing those brilliant ideas that are just itching to come out.

You already have your idea - you just need to know how to release it!

Do you struggle to come up with good book ideas?

I hear people all the time say "I'm simply not a very creative person". I say nonsense! Everyone has the capacity to be creative. But creativity is like a muscle - and it needs to exercised! My methods will show you how to release your creativity and become an ideas machine!

How do you know if a niche will be profitable?

I'll show you how to validate your ideas to see if your idea is a viable one and there's plenty of scope for profit. I'll also reveal how you can spy on your competition and gain a massive advantage over them!

Never be stuck for Book Ideas Again!

Revealed inside:

  • 5 Proven Methods for Generating New & Profitable Niche Ideas
  • How to Validate your Ideas
  • Worksheets to record and brainstorm your ideas
  • How to exploit the Baader-Meinhoff phenomenon
  • The Top 100 Amazon Niches
  • How to find whether a niche will be profitable
  • The best ways to check out your competition

"I was getting really frustrated trying to think up ideas for my next series of books, while it seemed everyone else around me was producing great books. By following the course, I filled an A4 page with great ideas!"

Jenny Howells - Amazon Author

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BONUS #1 - My Worksheet 4-Sector Grid for identifying  your Skills, Expertise, Interests & Experience

BONUS #2 - Worksheet for recording and narrowing down your niche ideas

BONUS #3 - My Validation Worksheet for sense-checking your ideas.

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    James Green

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  • Debbie Reeve

    Reply Reply December 21, 2015

    Thanks for the course James – loved it!

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